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Awaiting My New Assignment

Posted on 30 Mar 2023 @ 9:18pm by Lieutenant Vivian Corsair

368 words; about a 2 minute read


Vivian was temporarily assigned quarters on Starbase 51. She was there really only on loan to the starbase while she awaits to join her future ship, the USS Tomcat.

She got to Starbase 51 and was willing to cover the medical department while the base's chief medical officer was off to a conference.

After a day of routine duties in medical she retired to her quarters for the evening.

"Computer, Please start recording a personal log." She requested of the computer.

The computer chimed and started recording as she spoke.

"I am enjoying the time here. After four days I feel like I am back in school learning the ropes all over again. The lack of trauma has been refreshing and yet I have performed several routine surgeries. All of them were major procedures two hundred years ago but very basic and routine today. I love practicing medicine that I was willing to take my assignment on the USS Tomcat when offered the chance. I have heard wonderful things about the crew of this little ship. What I have read about the acting captain, I am impressed. I know from my briefing that one day she may become the actual captain. The XO of the ship is a former engineer and seems to be well bonded to the crew so they all seem to be able to go to him without hesitation. The department heads are all respected by the crew and I look forward to serving under Lieutenant Commander Cahill. I am just glad they had a surgeon post open on the ship. While I do like being a doctor, I enjoy being a surgeon just a little more. I hope that I can see some more off ship action on the Tomcat as I enjoy seeing new worlds and new civilizations. I enjoy going where few humans have gone before. I only hope to make the best of what is giving me and learn something new every day regardless how trivial it may seem to others."

"Computer end recording." Vivian stated to the computer which then chimed to notify her that the recording was over. "Computer store log to personal files and archive to my account."



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