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The USS Tomcat is a modified Akira Class Heavy Cruiser/Light Carrier equipped with the accommodation of 462 Marines and their equipment plus their shuttles and ground equipment; the Marines on the Tomcat are Rifles from the newly reconstituted 95th Rifle Regiment. The ship currently has 462 Rifles serving on her, and I am looking for someone who knows how to do MCO duties as I want to develop the Rifles on the ship. The Marine Commanding Officer on the Tomcat takes more of an active role in missions, unlike larger ships or Starbases due to the size of the ship. The Tomcat is a Fleet/Marine commanded ship; while it is marine orientated she does have Fleet officers serving on her, i.e. NOT marines. Unlike other Akira class ships, the Tomcat is a sub-type or modified, as in she has 3 Squadrons of Gryphon class fighters each Squadron has 12 fighters. There is a Fleet Squadron where the CAG is a fleet Officer, Marine Squadron pilots of the 95th and a Klingon Squadron. The ship mainly patrols the border regions of the Mira Sector but does occasionally do missions deeper into Federation space. Currently, her missions are set in unclaimed space and the ship's major base of operations is Starbase 51 (NPC) which is constructed on the border of Federation/Unclaimed space whose nearest planetary system is New Xindi Systems and the Talarian Union and the Neutral planet of Galen IV.

The USS Tomcat has seen many Commanding Officers over the years of its service in its previous fleets; it was even placed as a Taskforce Rapid Response vessel during its long years of service. It was also initially assigned to the Mira Sector on a mapping mission, but due to Starfleet Politics, the CO then had to step down from their command. A little over 13 years ago from the current date, a new Commander was granted Command of the USS Tomcat on Stardate 238604.29 to then Major Jasmine Lynne Somers who after some minimal training from the Admiralty did not know what they were doing reassigned the new Commander and the ship to a new taskforce, where Major Jasmine Lynne Somers was assigned to mapping the Hydaransz System on Stardate 238610.10 while she was in Command Jasmine Somers was tasked with other duties some of which were classified. On Stardate 238803.15 the Tomcat was back in spacedock undergoing a refit as it was assigned to a new Fleet.

On Stardate 238906.15 Joined Pegasus Fleets Task Force 44 and a new chapter began in Tomcat's History begun soon though Some taskforces would be merged and the Tomcat ended up in Taskforce 11 but not right away. On Stardate 239012.12 Assigned a Mission to halt rogue Orion Slavers and the Orion Syndicate making themselves known out in the Mira Sector and the Galen System. On Stardate 239206.01 the USS Tomcat was still assigned to the Mira Sector and the wild unclaimed little-charted space beyond the furthest of the Federation's borders where the ship carried other missions out in a little patrolled area of Federation space. Then on Stardate 239201.01, the USS Tomcat was fully reassigned to Task Force 11 where it continues to this day in Pegasus Fleet. By Stardate 239509.06 the Tomcat has been part of Taskforce 11 Galactic South where its missions on the outermost borders of Federation space have continued.


The USS Tomcat is a Sub-Type class Akira, while its weapons and defences have not changed.