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Feeling lost

Posted on 11 Mar 2023 @ 9:36am by Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex

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Personal log commence.

I have been here for a while now and, although Puss has settled in I still do not feel at home. The tomcat is a much busier ship than I have been on before and it seems no one has time to stop to talk. Even in the places of recreation and food on board there is an air of ‘somewhere else to be’ about everyone I have met. Sickbay is almost always busy which is good for me if not my patients. Our quarters are small but at least I do not have to share with anyone. Puss seems happy now I replicated his favourite treehouse and arranged jumping shelves all around the room. I have yet to arrange to take him to the holodeck although he enjoys his late night travels around the corridors. People are getting a little more used to him but I have not yet let anyone else touch him. I promised I would keep him under control but being so friendly he always wants pets. My scars have been hurting again and I think it is the hard bed. I sometimes think of a nice soft mattress but then remember why I have them and leave it at that, a desire, a want when I should desire my family back above all else. I have been having the dreams again and I must make an appointment with the Counselor to touch base, that might help. Sickbay runs itself but I feel that as the temporary CMO I should change something for the better. Time for duty now.

Personal log end.


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