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Giving an update

Posted on 08 Nov 2023 @ 6:51pm by 1st Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Captain Patrick Jackson

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Mission: S3 Episode 5: Diplomatic Incident/Hydaransz Again (Incidentals)
Location: Roosevelt/SB 51
Timeline: On the way back to the Tomcat

She was back on the Roosevelt, Mazal leaning against the wall in the small private space given to her. Tears welled up in her eyes. She still lost people even if the Anesthizine bombs had worked. She slid down the wall, to where her knees were to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and leaned her chin upon her knees just staring off into space. After a few, her eyes drifted over to where the computer was. She got up from her position and took a seat. Mazal was going to be contacting Patrick.

Now, to find out what is what and where Patrick was at.

Patrick was stretching some. He had finished a shower in low gravity, got half dressed and donned his exoskeleton. He did not feel like a shirt today, he had no therapy appointment today and was all but confined to quarters in his condition, but he was at least in quarters, not a medic bed. He finished rolling out his neck and then hooked the last of the exoskeleton up to his neck. A soft blue glowed on his neck from power and status lights.

"Computer, increase gravity back to one standard unit over the next five minutes." There was a chirp to comply and a gentle tug on his body.

Making a cup of coffee he sat down and looked at one of his comics. After a few pages he heard a chirp on his table display of an incoming message. "Mazal! How are things Wonder Woman?" He asked with a little gest, then read her eyes. "What happened?"

She noted that Patrick was no longer in sickbay, and was in his quarters now. Mazal knew what it looked like from having visited before. She drew in a shuddering breath. "I still lost a few Patrick. The bombs did do their jobs but still, I lost some people. One of them being on my team."

Mazal lowered her gaze for a moment to study her hands. "I don't quite feel like a Wonder Woman. " a tear slid down her eyelashes and fell upon her hand. She wiped it away then looked back up.

"I have lost people before, but, I can't lie it isn't anything that a person can get used to. I won't get used to it. How are things going with you?" Mazal attempting a smile.

Patrick nodded with understanding. The silence in his quarters made him keenly aware of the soft motor noises that the exoskeleton produced when he nodded his head in agreement. It was never easy to lose people under any circumstances, even if it was their job.

"And that is what makes you a good Commander, Mazal. You don't take any grunt for granted, each life is un-replaceable. You look at the objective, find the best possible solution with the least risk to life, and if you lose someone, you will analyze it for any possibility of a better outcome for next time."

He looked at her through the vid display. "The top brass can avoid thinking about the humanity of it, just assets in a giant chess game. For commanders like us, feeling is important in the right place. You should always feel some grief with loss after the mission. It is how we should all feel after any loss, this is normal."

Mazal nodded, drawing comfort from Patrick's words. "I will never call anyone that I have lost as collateral damage. As that means a piece of the tapestry of life has been cut short." she stated. "Other than that, glad we didn't lose too many. Now for you, how are you doing? Are you going to be up for some dancing when I get back?" It was a half tease, and half serious. She knew that he was still healing from the illness, though, there was that goal, make that she had a secondary goal as well.

He smirked some. "We are making progress that way. Nerves are connecting well and PT is strengthening the supporting tissues. Will still have this thing on when you get back, so won't be as graceful, not that I was to begin with." He said as he moved his hand that was all but smooth. "The only thing, is we would have to do it in half gravity if I get out of this frame."

"I've got faith that you will get out of that frame work. And well, half gravity? Would make things a bit interesting, for our dancing until you are up for more down to earth gravity dancing." A cheeky smile developed as Mazal gave him a wink. "You would in aspect be... floating like Superman."

He laughed. "I suppose you are right. Just need to spend some more time under a yellow sun. Good to see a smile on your face and hear it in your voice again." He said following up. "You got a little streak under your eye." He said joking a little about the tears. He couldn't see anything, but had his hunches. "I'll talk with engineering and see if they can program the gravity in your quarters like mine because 30% gravity showers, almost like showering in a hot tub, change your life." He joked.

"Now that would be interesting to say the least." Mazal giving a light hearted laugh, and wiping away the streak from beneath her eyes. "You are certainly helping to lift my spirits up, Patrick. Thank you, and I am looking forward to seeing you in person. Now if I can just get out and push the Roosevelt to go faster I will be more happier. I truly am looking forward to having some time off just to get some relaxation."

"I look forward to that too." Patrick replied. "I'm sure everyone is ready for a little R and R after that mission. Those kind of missions take some time to bounce back from." He shook his head and laughed. "Then, there is me who is hoping I can get back to work, even partially." He stretched a little and moved his back. "Back to standard gravity. Amazing how heavy your own body is at normal gravity." He paused a moment. "Thinking of R&R post mission, when was the last time you got some rack action?"

Mazal thought for a moment as to Patrick's question then gave a grimace."Um its been a bit. I managed to get some sleep the last time we spoke, about a couple of hours I think. This mission though had been weighing heavily on my mind. I take it you are ordering me to get some sleep?" giving a slight laugh.

He laughed, "Yes, but take that order with a grain of salt. I'm releaved of duty for the time being. A friendly suggestion otherwise." He said with a smile. "If you can, I'd see about getting yourself some holodeck time. Do a spa or whatever you need to decompress some, then try for sleep again, otherwise, you will just lay there thinking too deep on things and end up tormenting yourself."

"Just because you are relieved of duty for now, you will still be my captain; my CO, my friend." Mazal chuckled. "I guess I am dependant on you." giving a wink. "Just realize that you are important to me. However, seeing you, speaking to you, I think I can relax now to get some sleep. I tell you this, once we get back to the Star Base, don't be surprised when I give you a warm embrace. I think we both will need it." her eyes showing Mazal's sincerity." I am looking forward to doing so."

Patrick gave a smile. "I look forward to it. You won't get any objection from me." He said and nodded behind her. "You should probably get some sleep while you can. It will be dusty call before you know it."

"I am glad to hear there will not be any objections to an embrace."Mazal chuckled, she stifling a yawn. "So good night for now, I'll check in later on." reaching out to touch the screen. "Thank you again for talking with me, Patrick. " Mazal giving a bit of a stretch.

"Anytime Mazal. I'll see you soon." He said and gave a mechanical armed wave as the screen went dark.




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