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Captain Mazal Falk

Name Mazal Jafit Falk

Position Rifle Commanding Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 165#
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Statuesque beauty, with natural wavy silken dark hair, and a small widows peak. She walks with a confident cat like grace. Her hair is in a simplistic style just barely touching the shoulders. She usually tucks it back in either a braid or a simple pony tail. Or even a small bun to keep her hair out of her eyes. Her eyes are expressive, and it can be known when she is irritated about something as it seems like sparks of fire flash from them.


Father Abner Falk
Mother Meshia
Brother(s) Joseph
Sister(s) Miriam
Other Family Maternal Side:
Uncle Jacob Levi
Aunt Mary Levi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Strong minded, but also willing to listen to others. She can be a rather fiery individual or could call it more of a passion for life. She can be tough as nails too. Also can be quite the flirt. Athletic inclined. Does not go anywhere without a blade on her, or even two blades.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Adaptable
+Strong Willed
+Faired Minded
+Double Jointed

-Strong Minded, (Stubborn)
-Allergic to Synthehol
-Allergic to chocolate, makes her break out in hives.
-A bit of a flirt.
-shy about anyone finding out she can sing, and sings rather well.
Ambitions Personal-have her own family, someday
Professional-Be able to rise to the rank of Marine Captain.
Continue to be able to serve and protect others
Hobbies & Interests Weapons both ancient and current.
Weaponsmith, Smithing, making armor.
Loves to use unusual weapons and rather good with a lariat, bolos, and whips and slings.And other thrown weapons. Lets face it she just loves blades. Another weapon she likes to use are blowguns. Old weapons like Fights with two weapons. Rugby. Mountain Climbing, Acrobatics, Gymnastics Ballet, polearms. Dancing. Sleight of hand. Swimming. Loves to read, especailly the Art of War by Sun Tsu.

Martial Arts She knows a combination of Capoeira, Atemi, Silat, Wing Chun. Escrima. Bat'leth and Mekleth.

Loves superhero comic book genre games and books. Also loves to watch old Earth movies like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Sometimes dresses up like female version of Indiana Jones. Also does participate in her own programs. She's a bit shy at revealing that of herself.


Personal History Mazal ( Luck, Fortune, Blessing) Jafit (Beautiful) Falk (Falcon)

Born in Israel near the Red Sea, the middle of five children. She came from a long line of fighters, those who fought for freedom for themselves and others. This led to several family members who served in the Marines. Her mother Meshia, who was into demolitions, Her uncle Jacob, on her mother's side. Mazal's aunt Mary ( had the code sign of Scary Mary) was also in the Marines. Both in Demolitions. Meshia met Abner who was an investigator in security. They fell in love and Mary decided to settle down and have a family. Her marine training did show up when raising her children and decided that they needed to have discipline as well as being able to be children. She was able to do both. She instilled in her children hard working ethics, determination. She also had them develop skills in other areas outside of fighting. Dancing, singing, some form of art expression. She also taught her children that each skill they learned could be in sometime combine with the fighting arts she showed them Meshia wasn't the only one to train them but also her husband, so it was a family effort.

You could say that Mazal and her siblings were already in the marine and security due to the way their parents raised them. In some aspects having such training under the tutelage of her family members, it made Mazal an asset later on.

As the children got older, Her older brother chose to join Star Fleet, the next oldest was her sister who chose to stay civilian, her sister younger than her joined Star Fleet. Her younger brother is in University studying to be a doctor. Mazal wanted to go into the Marines like her mother and her Aunt. And they were happy about it. ful) Falk (Falcon)

Service Record

Service Record 2386-2388 934th Reconnaissance Battalion – Nahal Brigade
2388-2389 Demolitions Commando
2389 2392 Infantry
2392-2395 95th Rifle