Posted on 13 Oct 2023 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

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“Computer start log entry...”

Sitting alone in her office Lamia sighed as she put down the latest PADD containing the most recent personnel file that needed updating.

“It feels like forever! Sitting here alone knowing Chris is off ship is driving me insane!” She sighed. “No, not insane I’m just lonely. It’s times like this I can’t stop thinking about Mia, she might not have been alive for long but she was the daughter that I’d come to look forward to having. Granted she wasn’t conceived under usual circumstances, but I wanted to be a mum.”

She paused to sip her glass fruit juice before continuing.

“Mia’s death was hard on both Remington and myself, we weren’t a couple but we’d gotten used to the idea of being parents. At least I think Remy had. What happened to us then left us connected in a way that I’ve come to like. Remy is a the closest thing I have to a best friend, a brother, and if it wasn’t for Chris probably a lot more than that.

Speaking of which Chris will be returning soon and I’m so excited!! No doubt he’ll think I’m totally crazy when he gets back, Given how excited I’ll be. I still can’t believe we’re engaged. I want to have children with Chris, I just need to try and wait until after we’re married. Just the thought of how long that’ll be is frustrating, but I’m not going to rush Chris into what he’s not ready for.”

She picked up the next PADD. “Anyway back to the files, I also have people to see.”

“Computer end log.”



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