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Parenting 101

Posted on 13 Nov 2023 @ 8:28pm by 2nd Lieutenant Cassandra Mathews

935 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holodeck 2 -Tomcat


Jane Doe had sent over the program. Cassandra had loaded it up to the holodeck. She wasn't sure what to expect. The idea of going through that door into the unknown world of parenthood petrified her. She hadn't seen her daughter in over a year. Only briefly then. Martha Mathews had been swept off into protective custody. Put under the care of Jane and Wulfgar to be raised as a twin to their son Jason, whom had been just a few days old at the time. Cassandra remembered her though. That tiny fragile bundle that had squirmed and squeaked and cried. She had seen pictures after Rhys was dead and the threat to the infant was gone. She was so much bigger now. Cassandra hadn't been able to watch the videos shed been sent. She had missed so much. Martha seemed so happy with Jane and Wulfgar. Could she ever really be happy with Cassandra?

Taking a deep breath she stilled herself and finally walked through the door. What waited on the other side was a copy of her living quarters and startling enough Jane... Jane and Martha or at least a holographic version of the two. The infant was straddled on Janes hip and Jane was talking to Martha as she moved around the living room. When Cassandra walked in Jane turned and smiled at her. But her words were all for the baby in her arms.

"Martha look! It's mommy!! Your mommy is home! Yay!!" Jane sang excitedly.

The baby looked little brown curls bouncing around an impishly cute face with startlingly blue eyes. Cassandra didn't know if it was Janes words... Or the way the infant reacted with arms thrust up into the air in celebration or her little voice crying out in enthusiastic glee "mommy!! Mmoooomm mmmm." Then clapping those little hands together so proudly at the word. Cassandra felt her knees go weak.

She opened her mouth and shut it quickly. The scene was so overwhelming. Jane seemed to understand and with her usual smile and confidence closed the space between them all but shoving the baby into Cassadra's arms.
"We are so glad you are home. We made cookies. Hold her while I get the last bit done won't you?"

There was no room for objections. Cassandra found herself fumbling then with a little help holding the baby on her hip as Jane had been doing previously. It was so simple. Jane left to tend to cookies. Leaving Cassandra face to face with the child. Martha wasn't nervous. Nor frightened, nor shy. No. Martha studied Cassadra's face with curiosity. Little hands came up covered with what seemed to be frosting and a mixture of slobber and touched Cassie's cheeks turning her head too and fro a few times. Again Cassandra was at a loss for words. Still she felt a nearly foolish smile cross her face. This seemed to excite Martha who also smiled and gave a sweet laugh before attempting to stick those frosted fingers right into Cassadra's mouth.

Jane chuckled at the scene, "come grab a couple napkins and clean her up a bit before she gets it all over won't you? And don't be afraid to talk to her. She loves being acknowledged especially if you use her name."

Cassandra dutifully complied surprised at how much she was actually enjoying the whole ordeal mess and all. She finally found her voice. "Martha, look at you! Your so sweet your turning into a cookie yourself now aren't cha."

Martha seemed to really like that. A series of. "Nummmmm Mmmmmm nummm numm omms" followed as the child attempted to suck frosting from her sticky fingers before Cassandra couldn't wipe them clean.

By the end of it Cassie had managed to get it done and even got her own face wiped clean. She made her way to the rocking chair to rest after the mini battle.

Jane took a seat on the sofa nearby. "I run a similar program for Martha every day. She is familiar with you. She recognizes you as her mom. I promised you that she would. I know you didn't want me to. Still. Your going to do an amazing job. I know you will. She loves you and I know you love her. With the help of this program I am going to teach you everything you need to know to be the best mom for Martha. You are doing wonderful so far by the way."

Something about those words touched Cassandra. "But I haven't done anything yet.." she protested.

Jane giggled in her girlish way. "Oh sweetie, you are doing more than you realize. Just look at you. Your a natural."

Cassandra had started rocking. She loved the plush rocking chair. Her foster mother had sent it to her before she had been murdered. Cassandra had grown up being cuddled in this chair. It soothed her like nothing else could. She became aware that Martha had settled down now and was babbling softly under her breath as she rested her head over Cassie's heart. Every once in a while the babbling was broken by a soft yawn. As little fingers played with her dog tags.

"I wasn't... I'm just." Cassandra wasn't sure what she was going to say. Jane shook her head.

"You have everything you need. Just do what you are doing and if you have any questions or need anything I am here for you. Your not alone." Jane had a smile on her face. " besides that frosting will kick in soon enough so enjoy the rest while you can."


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