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Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd

Name Remington Steele Dodd

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/4 Betazoid / 3/4 Ullian
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color dark blonde
Eye Color black
Physical Description average appearance of a male, proportionally built looks Betazoid with no physical features of the Ullian physiology.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Reitliem Dodd (Betazoid - Ullian) - deceased
Mother Inala (Ullian) - deceased
Sister(s) Danielle (Betazoid-Ullian/Human) half-sister
Other Family Rhonda - (human) Step-Mother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dodd is a good natured, down to earth sort of guy who is fairly easy going. He takes his job very seriously but knows when to switch off that drive and make friends. He is an emotional man, who tries not to act upon the feelings of his subordinates and his shipmates.

Next to his half-sister and Rocky (a carnivorous plant), he treats the ship as his family. He is often putting the welfare if the ship and crew above that of his own. He isn't afraid to act out or speak his mind if he literally feels something is needed to be done or said.

He has a psych rating of 10 due to his telepathic abilities being equal to a full Ullian. He does his best to keep the Ullian side secret but from time to time he picks up random thoughts and emotions or even the random daydream from a fellow crewmember. He always does his best to filter the thoughts of other so that he does not act upon them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ ability to translate alien languages due to ability to see the thoughts and images in the alien's mind as he hears the spoken word; very technically minded
+ knows his warp drive systems and impulse systems very well
+ Linguistic Abilities: can learn languages quickly due to his strong telepathic ability to see the images the alien race projects as they talk so he knows the meaning of the word thus can then speak their language back to them.
+ Very realistic and personable easy to get along with

- Telepathy sometimes it can get in the way
- Hate confrontations
- Very Critical of himself and over analysis his own faults. He is really only 1/4 Betazoid but he has the full Betazoid telepathic abilities and Ullian abilities to enter the memories of others and even recover lost memories. However, he grew up on Betazed and was used to have a very open and free mind as was the custom there. He was raised as a Betazoid and only learned of his true heritage when he was leaving for the USS Tomcat.
Ambitions His Ambition is to either one day instruct at Starfleet Academy or the University of Betazed, or to one day build a new means to achieve warp speed that is safe for the universe and may be even faster than the speed of light. Also, he would love to settle down and raise a family while also serving as a Commander on a Starship.
Hobbies & Interests collecting schematics of old warp drives from any culture or race, also collecting old cartographic material from any culture or race
Listening to Jazz (as long as it is not the Romulan or Vulcan versions)
Favorite Holodeck/Holosuite programs involve fantasy elements and old Earth comic book heroes...Superman, Batman and Green Lantern for starters.
Also loves to go hiking and likes to be naked whenever possible as he does not really like the confinement of his clothes
Translating languages without the universal translator
Tending his carnivorous plant, Rocky (which he saved from a burning arboretum on Rigel VII 13 years ago.)


Personal History On Earth date 23 September 2357, His mother died giving birth to him on Betazed. He was raised on Betazed until he was 7 months old and then his dad moved to Earth. His father worked for the Betazed Embassy on Earth.
When he was 18 months of age, his dad married a human female, Rhonda, who was working for the Embassy.

At 5 years old, his step-mother delivered his half-sister, Danielle. She was instantly telepathic with Remington, but her use of the ability was slow to develop with everyone else, so must be something in Remington's physiology that triggered hers to work at a young age. At age 6, his dad had to talk to him about telepathy and that it was not for him to use on his classmates as some people did not like it. He was also told then that his father was half Ullian and his mother was full Ullian. Once he was old enough to do the research he looked into the Ullian heritage and he was embarrassed by it. He tells people that he is Betazoid but never mentions his Ullian side. He feels if people knew he was Ullian, they would be afraid of him because the Ullian species used their telepathy for bad purposes in the past.

He had a falling out with his father because he joined Starfleet at the age of 18 and did not become a diplomat or counselor.

Service Record

Service Record Joined Starfleet in 2375 at the age of 18.
He was not sure exactly what he wanted to study so he studied Engineering (specialty was Warp and Transwarp technology) and Linguistics. Graduated 3rd in his class in three years.

Upon graduation in 2378, he was assigned to the Earth-Based Cargo Ship where he was the assistant chief engineer. He served there for five years.

In 2383, he was to transferred to an Earth-Based Transport Ship working as the Interim Chief Engineer, which was supposed to be a temporary assignment but lasted for five years until ship was decommissioned. On this assignment, he got to use his linguistic skills as the Universal Translator would sometimes malfunction during magnetic or ion storms.

So in 2388, Dodd was transferred to Betazed to over see the Engineering Duties of the Embassy Fleet Shuttles. He would be placed in the title of Lieutenant (Junior Grade). His responsibilities were to keep the fleet in superior condition and always stocked for the transporting of diplomats to starships that may not be approaching Betazed close enough for the use of transporters.

In 2391, realized he needed to be more involved so he put to be transferred to a deep space assignment. He was assigned to the USS Tomcat and has really liked the experience as he learned more about his abilities and lived more in his life than he had before.

Promoted to Executive Officer under Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers and Acting Captain: Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers.