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Captain Jasmine Somers

Name Jasmine Lynne Somers

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1in
Weight 165 LBs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Humour: Dirty. dry and warped
Skin Tone: Fair Skinned
Scars: NONE
Tattoos: Dragon tattoo on her upper right arm and a small butterfly one on her ankle.
Build: very athletic body
Tone/Voice: Upbeat alto


Spouse None
Children None
Father David Lloyd Somers
Mother Alison Dennings
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Aunt and Uncle living in the Welsh Eurasian Hills on Earth.

Uncle: Samuel Lloyd Somers (Age 50)
Aunt: Jennifer Lynne Griffiths (Age 45)
Cousins: John Lloyd Somers(Age 38, Karyn Lynne Somers (Age 34), Alexandria Lynne Somers (Age: 35), Kathryn Somers (Age 33)
2nd Cousin Paul Sharpe Jnr born 239102.15 - Age 4
2nd Cousin Samantha Lynne Somers born 239102.15 - Age 4

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jasmine has a Warped and Dirty sense of humour that is not usually appreciated.

Presence: As any other Human
Distinguishing Features: NONE
Marital Status: Not in a Relationship
Handedness: Left
Department: Fleet
Current Assignment: CO USS Tomcat
Strengths & Weaknesses Skills:-

Martial Arts

Black Belt 4th Dan Karate
Klingon Martial Arts Level 3
Kickboxing Blue 4th Dan

Combat Skills:-

Basic Starfleet Academy Training
Basic Starfleet Unarmed Combat Training
Klingon Bat'Leth Use (Experienced)
Klingon Mek'Leth Use (Advanced)
Klingon Dak'TagH Use (Expert)

Linguistic Skills:-

Federation Standard
Gaelic (welsh)

Jasmine has always had a knack for picking up and quickly being able to speak different languages, but only if she wants to.

Likes: Pizza, Lamb Kebab, Old Cartoons, romcoms and Musicals, Late 20th and Early 21st Century Clothes, especially Party type clothes, Reading.

Dislikes: Classical Music, Bad Habits, Excessively spicy foods, Klingon Opera

Strengths & Weaknesses:

+ Clever
+ Smart
+ Curious
+ Brave
+ Determined
+ Loyal

- Stubborn
- Overthinking
- Illogical
- Cynical
- Too detail Orientated
- Alpha Type Personality
Ambitions To be a good Officer
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck Combat simulations, Reading


Personal History Jasmine Lynne Somers was born in the Eurasian Territories on Earth on Stardate 235308.23, she had a happy childhood and was born into an influential family she wanted for nothing, on her eighth birthday she excelled at her first real exams. Her Father David Lloyd Somers, and Mother Alison Dennings had only one child Jasmine Lynne Somers. She was given an aptitude test on her Tenth birthday and it was discovered that she had a very high IQ and quick learning ability. By the time she was 16 she had mastered most of the human martial arts, then by the time she had turned 21 she had mastered the Klingon Martial Arts all at Level 3 and was fluent in four languages. She had mastered All Klingon bladed weapons from Expert Level/Advanced to Experienced level. She was essentially a child prodigy, but not mainly in the mental sense, she had a knack for picking up languages, but only ones she found interesting.

As she grew up she had a semi-privileged upbringing as her father was brother to Alexandria Somers Father Samuel Somers, so she spent many a day during her youth with her cousins. As the young girls grew older all began to develop certain interests, but not all meshed; Jasmine and Alex applied to Starfleet Academy, and Alex decided to go the SFMC route even though she passed high in the Academy entrance test. Jasmine went into the Academy and passed out as a Fleet Officer, over time she changed from fleet over to Marines eventually gaining the rank of Lt. Colonel in (Bravo Fleet) up until a schism in the fleet forced her to go to a newly created Alpha Fleet, but due to bad organisational skills on behalf of the Founders of Alpha Fleet, it imploded and once again Jasmine and her ship the USS Tomcat was adrift without a Fleet and remained Fleet free for a time, eventually, she joined Pegasus Fleet and due to Fleets set up had to change back to Fleet and drop a few ranks until she could prove herself in this new fleet. Now a full Captain again she is tasked with scouting an unexplored system in unclaimed space; despite its designation, a Starfleet Explorer ship did pass through the system but did not stay long enough to do in-depth scans.

In a recent mission while on her way back from launching the USS Leto as TFCO 11 Jasmine was captured and taken prisoner by an unknown person with Nausicaans who was in his pay, she was captured in response to a previous mission that killed a planet to end a mutated Bluegill infection which could have spread out had a Base Delta Zero not been authorised. She was rescued and her body broken and her mind barely holding together, while on the rescue ship on the return to the Tomcat her captor was opposite her, she did not remember doing it as she was traumatised, but he said something and she snapped his neck, then fell unconscious. When she was well enough she resigned as TFCO11 and entered rehab after Doctor Sinclair operated on her to repair most of the damage she had suffered.

Since then she has been slowly recuperating, before the Tomcat's current mission she brief the team that was going to be going to the Hydaransz System as she had been there before on many an occasion, now back she is recuperating on Starbase 51 for the rest of the Current mission.

Service Record

Service Record Stardate: 236801.01 Applied to join Starfleet Academy at age 18 and passed 3rd from top.
Stardate: 237309.03 At 23 years old and at the rank of Ensign was posted to Deep Space 1 as a Security Officer.
Stardate: 237405.01 Posted to the USS Lexington as a Tactical Officer and promoted to Lt. Jg.
Stardate: 238403.24 posted to Sol-Sector Earth for advanced Security and Tactical Training, promoted to Full Lieutenant at the end of the training.
Stardate: 238408.18 Reported to the Newly commissioned USS Comanche under the command of Lt. Colonel Morgan.
Stardate: 238601.05 Took a Chief Tactical Officer post on the USS Sentinel
Stardate: 238602.10 Reassigned to the USS Invincible
Stardate: 238611.11 Changed Departments from Tactical to Marines.
Stardate: 238704.25 Assumed Commander of the USS Tomcat - Akira Class
Stardate: 238709.10 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
Stardate: 238712.24 Appointed to Position of TGCO Gamma in Bravo Fleet
Stardate: 238801.05 Resigned Position and post in Bravo Fleet and took the Tomcat over to Alpha Fleet
Stardate: 238804.01 Joined Pegasus Fleets Taskforce 44 after Alpha Fleet imploded as a Fleet
Stardate: 238901.01 Re-assigned to TF 11 Vanguards after Fleet reorganisation
Stardate: 239007.16 Mira Sector on a Mission to Galen IV
Stardate: 239106.01 Promoted to Captain.
Stardate: 239204.05 Assigned as Task Force Commanding Officer TF11
Stardate: 239306.15 Promoted to Fleet Captain
Stardate: 239201.01 On a Mission for Starfleet out in unclaimed space.
Stardate: 239503.01 Stepped down as TFCO 11 due to PTSD from captivity
Stardate: 239504.01 Returned to command of the USS Tomcat