Length of Service to the USS Tomcat

Posted on 16 Nov 2023 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers


It is always a good thing to know when a Sim Commander can award their crew with Length of Service awards or any awards the members have earned and it is with great pride I announce the names of those who have done a minimum of 6 Months on the Tomcat.

Sergeant Connor Sharpe - Rifleman for Completing his 6 Month Tour Of Duty on the Tomcat Congratulations

Lieutenant Serina Donovan - CAG for making it to the 5-Year Mark Congratulations

Lieutenant JG Faith Benson - DSec/DTac for completing their 1 year Service Congratulations

Ensign Liam Backstrom - DCIO Completing 1 year Service Congratulations

Congrats to Those named.

FCapt Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat



Category: General News

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